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Care Options

NHS Dental Care

We still offer an NHS service to our local community.  NHS charges in Scotland are set by the Scottish Executive and are standard for all NHS patients.  They are reviewed annually and usually changed in April of each year. 

Some people are exempt from patient charges, these include those receiving certain benefits, children, pregnant women and mothers with a child under 12 months old.

The NHS has strict regulations which stipulate what treatments and materials can be provided under NHS care i.e. you can’t have a white filling in a back tooth.

NHS treatment can be supplemented by Private items of treatment without affecting your NHS registration i.e. you can choose to have a white filling in a back tooth!

Private Dental Treatment

Can either be carried out as a ‘payment per treatment’ service whereby your dentist will give you an estimate of the cost of your treatment before the work is carried out or by way of a monthly dental plan termed ‘Highland Dental Plan’.

The difference between NHS and Private Treatments is due to the fact that the fees for NHS treatments are set nationally by Government. Unfortunately this restricts the types of fillings, root treatments, crowns, dentures and other treatments that we are able to provide on the NHS.

However, being treated as a Private or Highland Dental Plan patient means that your dentist is able to spend more time with you and is able to offer the very latest materials and treatment techniques. This ensures that you receive the highest standard of dental care which we believe a modern dental practice should provide for their patients

Priority appointment times are also offered to our private and Highland Dental Plan patients.


Highland Dental Plan

Highland Dental Plan (HDP) provides an inexpensive payment scheme to cover all necessary dental treatment. A monthly premium covers all treatment, including examinations, x-rays, fillings, root-fillings and visits with the hygienist. Any treatment that is needed to preserve your teeth is covered automatically. The only additional costs arise if treatment involves laboratory work e.g. crowns and bridges, when you pay only the laboratory fee. This gives you greater choice in deciding which type of restoration is best for you.

Why should I consider joining?

Over one thousand of our patients are already enjoying the benefits of being a member of Highland Dental Plan. Your routine dental care is covered within the monthly fee and so you will have no more bills to pay.  We only use the very best bonding and filling materials to restore your teeth and our hygienists provide preventative professional cleaning of your teeth and gums to maintain them in a healthy state.

What about cost?

The average monthly cost will vary for each patient depending on your future treatment needs but most patients pay around £24.   An initial HDP consultation is free and this will allow your dentist to discuss the plan with you and give you an exact monthly cost.